Ballarat Link Road

By 23/07/2018

Ballarat Link Road

($80 million)

What is Ballarat Link Road Stage Two?

  • Ballarat Link Road Stage Two will connect the Glenelg Highway with the Western Freeway, duplicate existing Link Road Stage One and rejoin Gregory Street West.  
  • The reconnection of Gregory Street West will create a new link, via Gillies Street, to Wendouree Railway Station for residents in Alfredton and the Ballarat West Growth Area.   

What’s happened up to date?

In April 2018, Stage 1B of the Ballarat Link Road, which was funded by the State Government, was delivered on time and on budget by the City of Ballarat. This was the completion of Ballarat Link Road Stage One, connecting Learmonth Road and the Ballarat West Employment Zone with Remembrance Drive and Coltman Plaza, Lucas.  

How will the project be delivered?

The City of Ballarat is seeking $80 million in investment from the State Government to build Ballarat Link Road Stage Two.  If successful in obtaining funding we would envisage design and construction phase would be 22 – 24 months, with concurrent construction of a duplicated Link Road Stage One, and the section south of Remembrance Drive to Remembrance Drive to Glenelg Highway.

Why do we need Ballarat Link Road Stage Two? 

  1. Growing population 
  • Ballarat West is one of the fastest growing residential and employment areas in regional Australia, with much of that growth in areas next to Ballarat Link Road Stage Two.  
  • Over the next five years, up to 12,000 people will make their homes in new estates in our city’s western fringe.  
  • Long term, population projections show as many as 35,000 people will make their homes there in the next 20 years. 
  1. Bust Congestion
  • Ballarat Link Road will help bust congestion on our major arterial roads, and not just in the west.  
  • It will deliver a direct link for the Ballarat west growth Area to the Western Freeway and to the expanded Wendouree Railway Station.  
  • Projections show when Link Road Stage Two is complete, Sturt Street will drop from 23,000 vehicle movements a day to around 9,000 a day. Other central Ballarat road are also expected to receive less traffic.  
  • That means getting to work, school or the shops will be faster and safer.
  1. Better freight movement, less trucks in the CBD, safer roads.
  • Ballarat is at the junction of major state and national highways and freight routes. Apart from the Western Highway, these roads all come together in Ballarat’s urban area. 
  • A north south route which avoids Ballarat’s central region is expected to cut travel time for businesses that locate in the Ballarat West Employment Zone and for other freight traffic.  
  • Removing big trucks from pedestrian and cycling areas is expected to reduce the number of crashes and injuries that occur in central Ballarat, making it a pedestrian-friendlier city.  
  • The improved amenity through traffic safety improvement will accelerate delivery of CBD housing options.
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