As Ballarat’s annual growth rate rapidly approaches two per cent, and the city continues to welcome 2,000+ new people each year, it’s increasingly important to ensure residents can continue to move safely and efficiently between their homes, work and social activities.

These key infrastructure projects will combine to improve travel times from the city’s western growth corridor, improve safety and reduce congestion in the CBD, and streamline the commuter experience for residents to the east of Ballarat.


The Ballarat economy is valued at $6.5 billion, having grown by 20 per cent in the past five years. Tourism and the arts are major contributors to Ballarat’s economy, with a combined worth of over $1 billion, representing nine per cent of the economy. Both are emerging and growing sectors.

These two projects will add immeasurably to Ballarat’s cultural and tourism offering, create jobs, have a significant economic impact and perfectly position Her Majesty’s Ballarat and Sovereign Hill to meet community and visitor needs and expectations for the next half century.


Ballarat is home to more than 105,000 residents. As a key service centre, in effect the regional capital for the state’s entire western region, the city also meets the social, educational, cultural, health and recreational needs of close to 300,000 residents in Western Victoria. Research, development and innovation are key to ensuring the city remains a competitive and attractive place for a diverse community.